Professional installation Bisazza mosaics. Implementation of projects in the field of interior finshes, and the installation of SPA (swimming pools, saunas,jacuzzi)... 

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             We are the company specializes in  BISAZZA glass mosaic installations. Interior designer and SPA installations
             (swimming pools, baths, jacuzzi) are our main projects we carry out. Our many years’ experience and professional 
             advising are the guarantee of our customer full satisfaction.

        To satisfy our customers’ expectations our offer is being unceasingly enriched. One of the option presented in our 
        offer is FREE Bisazza installation. The option is directed mainly to individual customer. 
        Its main purpose is to promote Bisazza products. 
          Any questions about FREE Bisazza Installation can be directed to:


            BISAZZA was established in 1956 in the north of Italy. BISAZZA produces glamorous glass mosaics. Thanks to the designers and their creative
            concepts  BISAZZA offers interesting products designed according to the up-to-date trends. BISAZZA has cooperated with many well known designers
            for many years. One of them is a newly appointed architect Carlo Dal Bianco, who together with 
            Studio Design BISAZZA prepared a draft of new salons in Milan, London and New York.
            foto:  Diagonale NERO ORO Bisazza  installation: Rafał Kacprzak